How my son said “oops” when he saw a squirrel disappear behind a tree.

The lemon tree in my flat I thought was dead is giving it another try with some springtime shoots and leaves.

The April snowstorm morphed into a sunbright afternoon.

I was fasincated by war as a boy and continue to dream I am in the middle of a war but I never had to see battle.

I will become father once more before 50.

The pain was tolerable when the nurse pulled out the staples with a tweezer.

Forty-nine is looking less and less like anything I imagined it would look like.

Me and my best friend have been writing snail mail letters to each other since 1990.

I can twiddle my thumbs today.

When the flood comes, that final wave,
when the network is down, when there's nothing left to save,
when the sun is so hot that nothing else grows,
when the weather has killed off our information flows,
when my child and grandchild have run for the mountains,
to scavenge for food…

Fried, frazzled, finished.

Powering your iPhone: The Hambach open-pit coal mine in Germany

By “planet” I don’t mean “the earth” or “nature”. I mean Planet Human, as in Planet Hollywood. The psychological, cultural, intellectual, ecological and social sphere we inhabit as a species or, put more loosely, a category of being. Even in the richer neighbourhoods and countries of this…

Maurice T Frank

Journalist, writer, translator, drummer

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